Maximize Your Farm’s Efficiency and Sustainability

Solar energy is the key to maximizing efficiency and sustainability. Solbras is now part of Valley, and offers the most advanced solution in photovoltaic solar energy, efficiently converting the sun’s rays to clean electric power.
Valley offers the most durable and advanced center pivots available, and now we also offer a sustainable, low-cost energy source to provide power to them, with Valmont Solar™ Solutions.


We evaluate your needs in order to offer a solar energy package that meets your specific goals. Valmont Solar Solutions offers services from the creation and installation of the project to financing and ongoing monitoring of the solar plant.

  • Distributed generation of photovoltaic energy (connected to the grid), hybrid systems and isolated from the electric grid.
  • Engineered design and approval of detailed technical projects. 
  • Consulting on PV plants to optmize financial results.
  • Valmont Solar installations include remote monitoring and control capabilities.


Managing a farm means that you already have enough to worry about. You want to save on energy costs to be more competitive. You want stable and reliable electricity.You want solutions that are good for the planet. Valmont Solar Solutions can help with each of these issues. Our experts have already implemented hundreds of successful projects. We are a global leader in delivering clean and efficient energy to agriculture - no matter the culture or size of your operation.

That’s why we are able to say, “The sun shines, and we do the rest.”


Photovoltaic energy offers numerous benefits for your business:

  • Energy Savings – Because the panels convert the sun’s rays to electricity, your operation will save on energy costs. 
  • Efficiency – Crops require more water when the sun is shining, which is naturally when PV plants generate energy;
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – Less reliance on fossil fuels for power and pumping.
  • Tax Credits – Depending on your state or region, you may receive tax credits for using solar energy. 
"For each of our questions, there was always someone with an answer instantly. The time or day never mattered. Several times, the Valmont Solar Solutions team visited us to solve problems we didn't even know we had! They made us feel secure that we invested in the right company. "
  • Andreia Cervo Stefanello
"Our energy consumption has always been very high, which is why we started to work with solar energy. We spent R$15.000,00 to R$20.000,00 Brazilian Real (nearly $3,900 USD) on energy per site per month, which we realized would be enough to finance the solar project. Now our energy costs are practically zero."
  • Pedro Cláudio de Azevedo Júnior
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Valmont Solar Solutions
Completed Projects

Valmont Solar Solutions throughout Brazil via its network of representatives and partners, developing and offering photovoltaic (converting light into power) solar energy.

According to the Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Energy Association, the installed power of solar photovoltaic generation in Brazil grew by around 1 GW between January and May of 2020. The country's total volume reached 5.5 GW.

Both the positive environmental impacts of this market-leading technology and the potential to develop local economies further our mission of delivering a complete package of solutions to help growers make smarter decisions and produce greater yields while using fewer resources.

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Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation equipment and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!