Low Pressure, High Performance

Senninger®  Irrigation has been developing water- and energy-efficient sprinklers for more than 50 years. Valley® Irrigation offers Senninger products to help ensure water is distributed uniformly and with low application intensity – protecting your soil, crops and savings.

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High-Performance Sprinklers

  • Sprinkler options include: i-Wob2®, Xi-Wob®, Xcel-Wobbler UP3 Top, Super Spray®, LDN®
  • Low-pressure operation saves money and energy
  • UP3 Easy Change: Easy Clean Nozzle is easy to remove for cleaning and changing. Simply pinch and pull to remove, then place and click to reinstall
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Pivot Special Regulator

  • Maintains a constant preset outlet pressure while handling varying inlet pressures
  • Flows: 0.5 to 15 gpm (114 to 3,407 L/hr)
  • Very low hysteresis and friction losses
  • Maximum flow path resists plugging
  • 100% water-tested for accuracy; no adjustments needed
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Impact Sprinklers

  • Low 6º trajectory fights wind drift and evaporation
  • Single- and double-nozzle models are available based on flow and distribution needs
  • Enclosed splash arm spring and bearing provide protection from the elements
  • Improved bearing assembly design reduces braking friction for dependable rotation and longer bearing life
  • Available in a 3/4" brass swivel connection for use in galvanized steel fittings
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  • Constructed out of non-corrosive, UV-resistant thermoplastic for long life and reduced plugging
  • Three models available: 180° single, 125° single, and 125° double
  • Available with either NPT or barb outlets
  • Allow placement of applicators closer to the crop to minimize wind drift
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