Modern, Water-Saving Rice Farming Techniques

In 2007, we began our rice irrigation program. Research by Valley® Irrigation and our various partners focused on two distinct groups of farmers looking for more profitable rice production through center pivots and linears: (1) traditional rice growers who want to conserve water and decrease flood costs, and (2) first-time rice growers looking for a profitable rotational crop that can be grown on a non-traditional rice field.

We've gathered the benefits, research and other information here to help you make the transition to more efficient and profitable rice production. Crop insurance is now available for the practice of growing sprinkler-irrigated rice. This and flooded rice are the only two irrigation methods covered for rice production.

valley rice irrigation solutions

Benefits to the Traditional Grower

  • No need for precision leveling or contour levees
  • Water usage reduced by only applying water when needed
  • Dry fields lead to easy and clean harvest
  • Ability to precisely apply chemicals and fertilizers through the center pivot or linear
  • Increased profit potential versus flooded rice

Benefits to the Non-Traditional Grower

  • Minimal field preparation
  • No need for expensive aerial applications of fertilizers or chemicals
  • Ability to grow rice on land not suitable for traditional flood irrigation
  • Rice can be added to the crop rotation
  • More profit potential than other crops

Benefits to Society

  • Center pivot and linear irrigation allow for minimum tillage, which benefits the soil
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water conservation
  • Reduced leaching of fertilizers and chemicals
  • More food produced using fewer resources
  • Greatly reduced arsenic content, compared to flooded rice

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